DJ DubC dropped this remix earlier this summer (July 15), but it’s “way too strong” to shelf so soon. The Dayton, Ohio rapper went over this Cozz beat, which was later made popular by Dreamville’s J. Cole, with telling bars that capture the struggle in the blue collar Midwest state. “This is how I’ve came up,” he said when asked how he stands apart. “I’m not tryna impress anybody.” The artist heard the soulful harmonies of the saxophone and felt the urge to deliver his passionate message.

DubC needs to lose the tagged beats and mix the vocals out a little better. With that, he could take off as the cold lyricist he is. I could even see him working with MMG’s Stalley down the road. Peep the latest project from the AB4L artist, Reflections of The Beginning.

Feeling that feeling, your pure greatness is the dopest moments
I shoulda took my ass to school but I ain’t focused on it
I’m not impressed with these rappers, I got the most components
So I stand out to God, my city and just hope they notice

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