Sterling Hayes - FREESTYLE ft. Ransah cover art

These boys just went off on the Plu2o Nash beat. Sterling Hayes and Ransah of Chicago created some deadly late night music with this one (January 7, 2015). Hayes has a lot more hype while Ransah went with the smooth flow. They’re both making moves, and “FREESTYLE”s are always welcome from Savemoney. Plu2o Nash was wild on the beat too, and I if he can get better with the vocals, these emcees will take off like Chance and Vic did.

Sterling Hayes said:

“I was in the streets on Christmas
We was 30 deep on a mission
Free my niggas in prison
I came out the mud, sipping that mud
Down off the xans, I can’t hang it up
I can’t get enough
I got my bands up
Can’t hold my pants up”