I’m proud to announce my first book on this monumental day in our history (January 20, 2017). As we move forward, there is a lot to be done. Everyone I’ve ever met can learn from this book. I’ve grown a lot over these past couple months while researching for the publication (since Election Day). I was 100 pages in and then the file got deleted! So I wrote it all again. The following is the combination of beautiful and tragic stories that “They” don’t want Americans to see side by side. I present this piece to the world as educational material over anything else, and I dedicate it to my family, friends, state and country. RIP Carter Jordan. This one is for you too bro.

I understand that this particular plugin might be hard to use on some mobile devices. If you access this page on a computer, you’ll have the option to full screen the file with the box. Thank you for your contributions. Or view the book without the Flipbook app – here (PDF) or here (Html) or here (Doc).

The follow-up single to the book “Back To Work” is now available for stream and download, and “The Midwest Renaissance” covers ensuing releases. Also read more about Clifton, aka God, aka Beef, in his autobiography The Life of Cliff G: Dog.


3 thoughts on “Why Wisconsin Voted For Donald Trump: The Coastie Privilege

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  2. Gilberto 12 months ago

    Very good post. I am facing a few of these issues as well..

  3. Jerome Downey 1 year ago

    I just made it through the first page and learned so much. You’re not the only one who thinks different although in our current political discourse and dichotomy it feels as though enlightened creatives are suppressed by the mass consumerism of our North American society.

    I appreciate your site and prospective and will contribute a small donation in support of your continued pursuits and interest.

    Best regards,