brother ali pen to paper own light cover art basement made

Brother Ali speaks personally on the Rhymesayers “Own Light (What Hearts Are For)” record, revealing the artist’s independence, personal religious views, love for family and friends, and forward thinking attitude. This seasoned, poetic Minnesota artist, and wild performer, knows how the game goes. He’s been a staple of Northern Hip Hop for years.

“Sometimes I feel like a stranger
Maybe I ain’t from here
World going crazy
How could that be unclear?
Know that I’m a soldier
Hearts on my battleground
Sword in the holster
Gun come back around”

Ali smashes a huge beat on “Pen To Paper”. It’s lyrical homicide from the high intensity, politically active emcee. Take a lesson from Brother Ali. North Culture. Cold.

“I tiptoed round here, shy, I spit it loud n proudly
This U.S. government profiled me and the sponsors dropped me
Some of my listeners failed to raise, so they no longer got me
I knew that telling the truth is costly, no one alive can stop me”