Clifton Beef chapter 2 ii Double Major mixtape cover album cover Basement Made Cliff Grefe

I found out that I was God earlier this year. So that’s coo. I’m homeless now though, and I live in a tree – in a swamp. That ain’t so coo. I also found out that I’ve been enslaved for at least 10 years of my life, and that I’m only 17 years old. Except for “Back To Work” and “Sport Culture”, I recorded and produced all these before I started to make my way back to Wisconsin, from Mexico (trafficked there without my knowledge), on March 21.

As I explained before, I originally meant the title of this project, Chapter II: Double Major, to speak to my accomplishments in the resume-9-5-press coverage-credentials realm, and then also to my personal achievements – free of the slanted Coastie culture that we (and I especially) have been forced to fit ourselves into – in order to appear relevant enough for them to treat us at least as lesser equals, and not subhumans. Also, I double majored at UW in Sociology and Spanish, graduating in 2013.

The last album I put out was The GRIME TAPE on April 8, 2013. I dropped my first book Why Wisconsin Voted For Donald Trump on January 20, 2017, and I’m currently working on my second – The Life of Cliff G: DOG. Thank you for your continued support over the years. My life has been harder than anyone else’s on Earth. Bless.

I’ve done visuals for “Off Papers”, “Oh Lord”, “Good Brain”, “Nightswim”, “The One That Got A Way” (lost during scam) and “Old Thompson & Marb Reds”.