Remember Joseph Jakubowski? He was the Janesville, WI guy who sent his “Manifesto” to Trump in April of 2017. This was when I started to pen Cliff G: DOG, shortly after I dropped Why Wisconsin Voted For Donald Trump: The Coastie Privilege on the world on February 20. He got all that media attention for his work, which was about the same length page-wise, and I got zilch, even though I repeatedly blasted it across all my mediums – in person, email, social media posts, dm’s and @’s. I saved in on public computers’ shared drives at UW, libraries, student centers and churches. I didn’t send out physical copies but is that enough for complete ignorance on their part?

This has been a common occurrence for me, so I’m used to it, but I don’t thrive under the iron fist. That would mean I’m some kind of masochistic wannabe slave. Not my shit. It seems like everytime I have a critical drop – they give someone else the shine. This person or organization will have some similar tenants to mine, or maybe it’s a person that’s supposed to look like me, represent my area, generation, or culture, so that American minds attach my thoughts and actions to their doing. This way, the elitist gatekeepers can maintain the longstanding illusion that they strive to observe and understand what is going on in our country, directly use the content without the threat of lawsuit, while simultaneously slanting my personal identity and business, so I’m at least partially muffled or percieved as small potatoes. Sprinkle in a lil Coastie-fueled propaganda and I might as well be ghost.

They love to put me in the Whiteboy caste under the subcategory Domestic Terrorist. I’m usually some sheltered, Middle Class, Middle America mental patient who got his feelings hurt by a bully or ex-girlfriend, so I develop Depression and drug habits and then serial kill some people (or at least plan to).

I do have access to guns and other weapons that could kill a lot of people. Many of us do. Also, I have not been granted freedom, justice or anything close to equality from America or its citizens. Maybe I have a solid reason to randomly massacre mass groups of these sludgesack humanoids in the name of freeing up jobs for those who earn them. So why haven’t I? What reason do I have to want you alive? If you hate me right now your dumbass is probably either standing in the way of or sitting in my chair. Also, why would I back America? C’moooooon Russia, Middleeast and China!!! Let’s get it Canada and Mexico! Right? According to America?

So I dropped first and didn’t rob any gunstores. The other guy came after, stole the guns to “get you people to listen” and got all the love. Shit, they put the Boston bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone cause he’s cutesy cutes, OJ in way too many specials cause he played the footballs, and of course the mass shooters might as well be American heroes with all that coverage.

I’ve learned from the world of science over the past few that most of these clout boasting banal creatures might as well be replaced with government sanctioned robots. All they know is a linear life from birth. Doesn’t matter if they’re a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or they plug a space in the wall of another seemingly distinguished occupation. Sadly, I’ve lost almost all respect for Hip Hop in recent years – a vehicle I thought could adapt faster as an inclusive community, and it’s been tough to understand the pathological logic of ignorance that flows through modern science like an offices’ quintessential morning Joe.

With the Internet now, we can timestamp, trace and compile data on these planted celebrities and pretty pretty pseudo-workers that they bring in. This is important as they continually come up with some new revolutionized, whiny excuse as to why they’ve never had to do anywhere near the amount of work that leaders and hustlers have to in order to gain any ground, and why they never had to survive the torture that we have.

You with your fake ugly ass, slow brain and cackling nest of new age aristocrats have probably called me a terrorist, psycho, Nazi, burnout or sumn like at. Or you’ve said nothing at all, publically, like the White slaveowners in the South during the 1600s that didn’t care either way – if the African slaves were freed or not by the Midwest insurgents. Just know, I’m your favorite terrorist now.


2 thoughts on “Yer Favorite Whiteboy Terrorist

  1. Stranger 11 months ago

    Have you ever considered what you produce might just not be noteworthy? Or even good?

    1. Beef 11 months ago

      No, “Stranger” who felt the need to comment this on my post.