Arcani – “Reflections”

Band : ,
Title : Reflections
Release Date : June 17, 2016
Label :

Arcani keeps it cool as usual on the Reflections tape. Every track is masterfully crafted with the lyricism of a poet. The traveling Madison, Wisconsin raised, Texas-living emcee mixes up the Jazz and Soul of the North with the Rock and Trap of the South on this project, and you’ll need to play it back a few times to catch the full effect.

I think that’s a Blink 182 sample on “I Ain’t Really Living”. The “Drowning In Texas” joint is fire. Sounds like raw emotion. This is just a “side project” before Noah’s Ark, though. ATM.

“I don’t wanna see the sunshine
Darker days, then we fade away
I only think about it sometimes
Ain’t too much that I can take”

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