Clifton Beef – “Chapter II: The Bars” EP

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Title : Chapter II: The Bars
Release Date : June 11, 2016
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I dedicate Chapter II: The Bars to the weekend – to the many wild nights getting weird in Mad City. As youth, we aspired to go downtown to party with the big kids and see college girl titties. Can we do it drunk? That’s really the only question we ask ourselves when deciding recreational activities.

Since Wisconsin gets drunker and has more liquor stores than anywhere else in the United States, and has the 3rd most bars per capita (behind North Dakota and Montana) – I think it’s fair to say the Cheeseheads party the hardest.

There’s always sumn going on at The Bars and I’m a king of the night scene. I get it lit whether I’m out, on stage or behind the bar. I’m in a strange position now that I’m 15 months sober, but nothing can take away my time in Madison, Milwaukee, and wherever else in Wisco we decided to get bopped. In times of need, the bars have been there for work and recreation. I don’t have a problem with alcohol, it has a problem with me. Drink Wisconsinbly. This is my 4th EP of 2016.

“Ay, who dat der?
Wait, I know her, she look like Kardash
But why is she creeping behind my back now?
To get with dude from my old frat?”

Premiere. Released June 11, 2016.

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