Damir Balo – “Bread N Water 2”

Band :
Title : Bread N Water 2
Release Date : January 18, 2016
Label :

Damir Balo is one of the hardest working emcees in the state. He’s a skilled emcee and producer too, which is what makes his projects so special. He can knock out a project like this in no time but he still puts some effort into developing the concept on each record. The mixing is rough but he’ll figure that out. He kinda sounds like Kdot a little bit.

From “Questions”:

“I can feel the hate, I can feel your energy
Mixing with my synergy
I can feel the devil in me and the rumbling
Screaming “fuck the peeps, fuck the police
I get brand new haters every week
I got fans that’s really geeked
Off of every song, every leak
Every post, every Tweet”