LAMB$ – “Thanks4Nothing” EP

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Title : Thanks4Nothing
Release Date : February 27, 2017

Insomniac Lamb$ is putting on for his block in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has some of that Future-Mumble Rap sound, only he’s a lil Jazzier. Some say he sounds like Young Dolph. A Trap mix of North and South flavors, the young artist is all about the guns, drugs and bitches. Lamb$ also delivers some motivational messages – alongside – throughout the tape.

On “They Told Me”, the rapper says:

“Counting this shit, I mean, a lot load
Talked to my PO today, she tryna get me locked for?
Hit LA for a lil week, I might just pop up
Got alota brothers who gon shoot for me
Don’t know about you, that’s a different story”

“I just wanna do the shit they said I wouldn’t
I just wanna do the shit they said I couldn’t…
They told me I a never be shit
They told me I a never hit that lick
They told me I a never have some money
They told me I a never be nothing”

Also see the Fukk Karma II joint.

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