J.Helm – “Best Intentions”

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Title : Best Intentions
Release Date : March 11, 2016

Jack Helmuth dropped his debut EP The Silent Project last year. Today, he brings the follow up – Best Intentions (March 11, 2016). J.Helm looks to show his independence with this project. I respect his grind, as I too released my second project at age 16.

Hip Hop is a great outlet for folks of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes. J.Helm offers a unique perspective on the 608 too. “Lived on the Eastside (multiple spots) until I was 7, then I moved to the Northside, until moving to Middleton at age 11,” J.Helm said in an interview with Basement Made.

His lyrics are decent and he puts out a positive message. Best Intentions – that’s wussup. Jack’s flow is robotic and forced, though. That auto-tune sounds straight outta Garageband. He’s clipping alot too. Some of the production is coo. “Everything you’ll hear is organic,” he says. The emcee recruited RED for the feature and Ted Park on the mix. “Everyday” and “It Ain’t Nothin'” are my favorites off this one.