King Louie – “6 God Tony”

Band :
Title : 6 God Tony
Release Date : October 6, 2015
Label : ,

King Louie pulled a Drake a couple days ago and dropped this surprise 6 God Tony mixtape at 6:00pm on October 6, 2015. The 6-track tape is dope but I’m almost more hyped for OVO’s newest recruit to get his Drizzy plug in the near future.

The gang-affiliated rapper’s alliance with Drake goes further than this week’s surprise drop. At the end of last year, the Chicago Drill emcee inked his neck with the OVO owl insignia and raised some concerns from the community. Unless King L is playing the goofy, he must be signed to the Toronto singer’s imprint. What does that mean, though? That means the otherwise niche gangland rapper can morph into a openly accepted and widely distributed voice, just through his association with Aubrey.

I’ve been following King L since Drilluminati, which is now up to the 3rd installment. The homie DJ Pain 1 laced the beat for “My Hoes They Do Drugs” and I knew the rapper was going places. He reminds me of what’d be a black Al Capone – calculated yet wild as fuck. Listen to the newest from the suspect rapper and we’ll see what all this 6 shit is about soon enough.