Klassik – “SEASONS LP”

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Release Date : July 15, 2015
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The Klassik camp uncovered the AUTUMN EP on June 13, completing the mixtape portion of the SEASONS series. “The EPs kinda got a taste of the different directions that I was branching off into,” he says. “You were like able to see those for what they were, grouped with other songs that maybe have a similar feel, or just the fact that we put those together automatically, you see it in a certain context.” At least one song per SEASONS EP would be included amongst the twelve on the SEASONS LP. In addition to the alternative release format, Klassik took up a new style of writing for his newest project. “I should not say never, but ninety eight percent of the time, I don’t write anything,” he says. He took to a “stream-of-consciousness” style a couple years ago and has been doing it since. “The music sets the tone so much more than anything that I could just say in blank space,” Klassik explains.

Klassik just recently dropped the full-length, self-produced SEASONS LP on July 16. The project is unique in many ways and the title too takes on a different meaning than one might expect. “I don’t wanna get lost in whatever the cliche rhetoric is right now, he stated.” The tapes don’t align with the calendar seasons either, as Abston is not directly speaking to the diverse weather conditions of the Northern Midwest. “This has nothing to do with actual temperature,” he says, it [represents] an artist’s cycle.” Klassik wants to show the flow of human emotion, through the scope of music.

“There’s a title track on SEASONS that, and it’s a ballad, it’s no rap, it’s very short, there’s strings, there’s a Mister Rodgers reference… [Laughs] And on that, I think it ended up perfectly encapsulating the whole idea of the album. It’s written in the perspective of – a lot of my records – almost like as if there’s this invisible woman. There’s this third party that no one ever sees but it’s always usually directed at some woman, somehow. I don’t know if that’s just my writing process but every song I tell her that, ‘Never once did I believe that you’d stay, oh no, because just as quickly as the seasons change, you’ll go.’ And that was just kind of like, people come and go and they change as quickly as the seasons do.”

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