Mick Jenkins – “The Water[s]”

Mick Jenkins proves that he’s at the forefront of new wave Chicago Hip Hop with The Water[s]. Now, there are a lot of new wave Drill rappers in Chicago, a lot of people tryna get on after Yeezy linked with King Louie and Chief Keef. But if that’s the local definition of unsigned hype, Mick’s ability to move beats with sincere messages makes him more of a poet than a rapper. Mick Jenkins is a rapper from Chicago, but he and a group of others in the area are leaning more into the Jazz roots of the Windy City streets than the surrounding gangland. This mixtape is Dasani clear that it’s a part of something else – a beautiful project filled with smooth flows and life lessons – a wavy set of artistic records worthy of applause. Mick has elevated beyond local emcee to leader of a new sound with this one.

The follow up Wave[s] is set to be released on August 21, 2015.

“Drink more water….. or you might die.”