Mike Regal – “Premoniitions”

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Title : Premoniitions
Release Date : June 20, 2016

Three eyes – eyes open. The standout producer delivers his heavily anticipated Premoniitions album. We’ve been hearing a lot about this project… At first listen, I can hear the emcee’s experimentation in his flow. He has several smooth collaborations as well.

Mike Regal is influenced by the East Coast Boom Bap production style, but often goes outside the box, and certainly doesn’t lack in lyrical content on the project. The prevailing message: stay focused on your business, hard for your affiliates and help no one else. We placed the artist on DX and kicked off his “Eyes Open Series” last year.

On the title track:

“When it come to the flows, I’ma specialist
I don’t need a pirate to treasure this
You can tell I’m the future when present
My gift is a gift to the present
Been a while since I rolled up the regular
I switch up my style on the regular
You boys be moving too regular
She loving my wave, it ain’t regular”

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