Tito The Scumbag - Laced With The Scum(Vol 1)

Tito The Scumbag – “Laced With The Scum EP (Vol. 1)”

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Title : Laced With The Scum EP (Vol. 1)
Release Date : 2016

Tito The Scumbag dropped sumn scummy tonight (January 28, 2016). The grimy Brew City rapper keeps an experimental nature on Laced With The Scum and it works for him. I like where Tito’s music is heading. His beats are all over the place on Vol. 1 but he finds a way to match up his flow on each of Weekend’s beats. Dee Phr3sh pops in for a feature too. This is just the first EP of seven he’s dropping this year. Here’s Sleep Walker: The EP from last year. Keep up, Tito is set up for a big year. Hippy Trap.

“Bitch I’m tryna feed my muthafuckin family”

Mixed by Mammyth.