Clifton Beef looking concerned lurking checking his 6 basement made cliff grefe off papers double major short film

The Life of Cliff G: DOG

UPDATE (March 11, 2018): We’ve been having issues with the site as of late, and especially with this piece. Thank you to those who read some or all of it....

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Why Wisconsin Voted For Donald Trump: The Coastie Privilege

I’m proud to announce my first book on this monumental day in our history (January 20, 2017). As we move forward, there is a lot to be done. Everyone I’ve...

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Clifton Beef Basement Made Campaign video spoken word cliff grefe

Basement Made Needs Your Help!

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m all about knowledge. I say that shit all the time, “It’s just a lack of knowledge”. I don’t even care what it is… I...

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Clifton Beef - The Only Thing Left Is Religion cover art clifton grefe

Clifton Beef – “The Only Thing Left Is Religion” [PREMIERE]

Religion is complicated. There’s no way I could explain exactly how it operates, and neither could you or anyone else on Earth (November 21, 2015). Lately though, it seems like...

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