Clifton Beef - Nightswim music video snapshot Basement Made Lake Mendota Cliff Grefe

Clifton Beef Comes Home For “Nightswim” [PREMIERE]

I long for those late night calls that seem to come in – just as I’m hanging it up for the night. Maybe I had a great night out, but...

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Clifton Beef Chapter 2 The Bars premiere cover art Basement Made

Clifton Beef tells stories of “The Bars” on EP [PREMIERE]

I dedicate Chapter II: The Bars to the weekend – to the many wild nights I spent getting weird in Mad City. As youth, we aspired to go downtown to...

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Clifton Beef - Chapter ii the depression cover art clifton grefe

Clifton Beef Releases “The Depression” EP [PREMIERE]

I was diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and alcoholism at a young age (April 16, 2016). Many know this, many don’t. Even though I have not one but two apparently...

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Clifton Beef - Good Brain ft. Leona Harper music video nicole samra clifton grefe

Clifton Beef provides Visuals for “Good Brain” [PREMIERE]

I need me some good head (March 25, 2016). See, I love to go deep… into her soul. We have worldly conversations, then we have opulent sexual intercourse. The Cali...

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Clifton Beef - Chapter II The Fall In Premiere cover art clifton grefe

Clifton Beef Explores Sexual Trinity On “The Fall In” EP [PREMIERE]

UPDATE (7-10-17): The “Nightswim” video is now available for your viewing pleasure. Today’s EP will be coming to you in three parts (February 22, 2016). Each record is about a...

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Clifton Beef - Chapter II The Hustle cover art clifton grefe

Clifton Beef – “Chapter II: The Hustle” EP [PREMIERE]

I was trained to grind. My parents put me in basketball and football at a young age, so I’ve always been about The Hustle. Then I took to the streets,...

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Clifton Beef Basement Made Campaign video spoken word cliff grefe

Basement Made Needs Your Help!

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m all about knowledge. I say that shit all the time, “It’s just a lack of knowledge”. I don’t even care what it is… I...

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