Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book 3 album mixtape cover art Basement Made

Chance The Rapper Crafts Brilliant “Coloring Book” Album

Chance The Rapper is currently the most talented Hip Hop artist outta Chicago, Illinois (May 12, 2016). His flow and ideas are progressive, but not without his own personality. Old...

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Mike Will Made It - Ransom

Go Play-By-Play Through Mike Will’s Heavily Anticipated “Ransom” Album

Now… I know I’m a day late, but hell, I’m trying to pay the rent ya hypebeasts. Here goes the play-by-play for Mike Will’s heavily anticipated new mixtape, Ransom. If...

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A$AP Ferg - Ferg Forever

A$AP Ferg Killin Mothafuckas On “Ferg Forever”

A$AP Ferg is everything but New York. That’s what makes Ferg Forever crazy. His voice is a direct child of Bone Thugs and Lil Wayne, most of his flows either from them two...

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