Clifton Beef - Nightswim music video snapshot Basement Made Lake Mendota Cliff Grefe

Clifton Beef Comes Home For “Nightswim” [PREMIERE]

I long for those late night calls that seem to come in – just as I’m hanging it up for the night. Maybe I had a great night out, but...

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It's Your Move slider

Clifton Beef – “It’s Your Move” ft. Michael Medall, Kev and South Of Lee [PREMIERE]

Today (August 8), I woke up and knew I needed to drop this record. Chapter 2: Double Major is a concept album, meaning that the entire project wraps around some...

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DRAWSTRING PRODUCTIONS: “cheez, local produce”

Our local culture here in Wisconsin is the best. We’re always being talked about for something we’ve only experienced organically. Whether it’s the People, Parties, Food, Sports, Politics or Recreation, our...

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