Clifton Beef looking concerned lurking checking his 6 basement made cliff grefe off papers double major short film

The Life of Cliff G: DOG

Hello ladies. This is the Autobiography of Clifton Robert Grefe aka Cliff G aka Beef aka God. Bless me for being the greatest human to ever touch Earth. I understand...

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Pizzle - Grand Design cover art

Pizzle Is Levels Above Competition On “Grand De$ign”

Pizzle has unleashed the heavily anticipated Grand De$ign album, according to plan (April 11, 2016). This is the emcee’s best work to date – after years of hard work. “Welfare...

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Sean Smart Mixtape cover art slide

Sean Smart Is Rap Genius On Debut Mixtape [EXCLUSIVE]

A young but highly intelligent and driven emcee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Sean Smart is looking to reintroduce himself to the world after his days with Higher Education (November 25, 2015). He...

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Clifton Beef chapter 2 ii Double Major mixtape cover album cover Basement Made Cliff Grefe

Clifton Beef unveils Title Track, Cover Art for “Chapter 2″ Album

Chapter 2 is a concept album, the whole project in itself fits together like a novel. Each line, each verse composes a narrative from my life. Michael Cooper and I...

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