I heard that Kendrick “dissed” all of the top talent in the game because he name dropped a few of his peers in Big Sean’s newest record. I also heard that having the balls to call out other emcees lyrically makes you the coldest emcee on Earth.

Listen: he probably took two to five minutes to figure out a way to make those names fit into that beat. Not that impressive. Not that lyrical. Given, he knows who to give the recognition to, but anybody that knows hip hop, knows that those are the most constant contributors.

Also, if he really meant to diss those emcees don’t you think Big Sean and Jay Electronica would have lashed back? He knew it wouldn’t be some Big and Pac / Aftermath and Ja shit. Hardly anybody in rap today is about that life. Big Sean is educated and Tyler the Creator acts like a 13 year old girl. K Dot’s verse was on point but Sean had harder punchlines and Jay had more depth. All three went in and by no means should anybody get more shine than the other two.

Although maybe this verse is what hip hop needed. Maybe, now, these other rap fucks will stop trying to mimic each other and take some notes. Can rappers please stop with the “I bought a new Range but it can’t replace my long lost girlfriend” type shit? Kill the 2 Chainz, Rick Ross and Lil Reese mindless garbage so rap can be a real genre again. Try to be better instead of racing to the bottom.

Sincerely yours,

I hate rap music 

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