You should know by now I’m going to call out today’s self-proclaimed artists. Most of em are pussies with nothing relevant to say. I’d say these rappers fall into one of the following categories:

God sent rapper: Preaches lessons 100% of the time with no real substance. Everyone else is ignorant. Aka white-collar rapper.

Surfer bro rapper: Rich kid from coastal US that smokes weed, fucks bitches and attends college at places like Miami and USC.

Tofu rapper: Unaccomplished man-child that manifests lies to gain attention from the local community. Usually imitate another emcee’s flow. Ie. Drake, Ace Hood, Cheif Keef…

*some crossover is to be expected

Chaos doesn’t belong in any of these categories, he’s at the top of the local talent. Thank God somebody else can flow with an actual story to tell. Gone Music goes through a night in the life of Madison based, AFGM artist Chaos New Money. Drug life, don’t give a fuck life. He’s known for the range of expression in his voice and the conversations that he incorporates into his verses. Every line is memorable and especially relatable to everyone that is really about that all-in lifestyle. His storytelling style is fresh and over the top.

The 23 track project features originals and industry instrumental remixes. Chaos goes at each one in a new way and proves his adaptability. Bald Head King Pin, Scattered Brains and Victory do produce a few of them but I’d like to see more local exclusives on the production side. Regardless, Gone Music will bang out any party situation.

The originality and direction of Chaos’ movies are originally what caught my attention. It’s like taking all the hype from a rock show and adding it into hip hop. He works a lot with OG Esco on the visuals and features him on a couple auto-tuned slow records also. I’m looking to see a lot more from Chaos in the future.

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