These are the homies. Our vision aligns on a lot of what this Kickstarter campaign outlines. When I was younger, more of my life was about making money for college and athletics than anything else. Now that I up and graduated, and have been working in the music industry for a few years now, my concentration has shifted more to incorporating all aspects of what we’re about around here in my sound. 

Basement Made is this lifestyle. It’s about the dream of showing the world what a few Wisconsin kids can create from nothing. These two bros heading up this production deserve the support from not only Madison, but the whole state. Big cities have the money and corporate power to produce any trash piece of work at anytime and make it look good. I mean, Miley Cyrus, for real? Jimmy Fallon, o ya? Unfortunately, we don’t have this luxury. What we do have though, is ground floor innovation and a wild story that, as of right now, only we know about.

Take the time and check our material out. If we put the bullshit aside and go all in on this, there’s no reason that we can’t get some real love up here. #WISCO


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