Dat new Eminem…I dunno homie. I appreciate dat he’s tryna to like maintain his own style n keep up wit da times n shit but I tink he feels like he needs ta retell his entire story on every track. Yaaaaap. We got da 8 Mile ting woo. We get dat ya like sweatsuits n black folks. Like it er not doe, der’s a generational gap between Em n mainstream music’s core listenership. I’m talkin bout dose folks in da lactose intolerant parts a our country. Dis reflection rap takes away alotta bars dat could be filled in wit BARS.

Da quality sall in der in dat goose down, ten-tousand tread count of a beat. Dis is probly an inspirational song ta many modern day human beins. Wutcha might be missin doe is da lack of progression on his part. He ain’t showin ferder change a any kind. Fa me, I can relate ta his struggle wit psychological problems. Shit, I gotta get high just ta function in outdoor society. I understand dat it’s someting dat a never go away n can’t eva be “treated”. Now days if a white man dunt act like ya daddy, da banker, he’s got some kind a affliction. But has dis man hit his peak? Does he have a brain dat creates dis music? Does he have no uter ambitions in life, a is he already locked into da American-hero-reminiscin-phase? Ta have his kinda money n power is a gift from God and Zeus n ta commit ta dis kind of generic celebrity lifestyle is Zesta.

I ain’t hatin I’m jus sayin. Also maybe he needs a couple Viagra cause I woulda been fuckin da juice outta Rihanna in dis video. If I had dat fleshroll in da same room we’d be fuckin out my issues, for real. What is she singin dat she’s crazy for if she’s his doctor? Dat woman is an impostor fam. Neva trust a bitch that be singin like a Celtic mountain woman either. Eminem ain’t crazy he’s confused woo.

Beefo got em all by da throat flab.