I know exactly what my next concrete step has to be for my brand: a full studio. Not like a mic, software and keyboard, I have that. I mean a highly dynamic studio. Although most of what I do involves me at front n center, my dream involves the inclusion of all the top creative talent in this area. That includes writers, performance artists, producers, graphic designers, clothing designers, tattoo artists, athletes, directors, videographers, photographers, radio personalities, DJ’s, dancers and actors. How would all of this possibly fit in one location? Well, it won’t, at first.

Over anything, it’s very important to keep in mind that the days of massive entertainment firms are fading, fast. Creative poor people are figuring out new ways to put together masterpieces for dirt. It’s true, especially since equipment costs have really fallen a lot and there are people all over the internet that live to make how-to videos now. For example, professional production software, such as Logic Pro, is much more accessible now, that’s why everybody n their momma has a “setup” of some kind. The internet has also allowed anyone at any level of skill to share their demo with a large audience. 

We have to be thrifty too. It’s just not possible in this day and age to walk into a talent agency and say, “I’m one of the most significant artists in Wisconsin history”. They will say “Fuck you, I’m late for my sit-down with Rich Homie Quan”. I have over 2.5 MILLION Youtube views and I’ve never even had a conversation with a label. It’s literally only about money. These companies have peaked as far as talent acquisition, most of their artists are trash. The most important thing that they still have is widespread distribution. This is important, but conversely another reason that independent artists, that have worked so hard for their following, won’t be looking to sign when finally offered. It’s selling out. 

Somebody once told me that all it takes is locking down and putting in a couple hours a night, every night, to really develop a skill. I strongly believe that dedication, willpower and the gift of creativity can lead even the most afflicted of people to incredible levels. I think that this do-it-yourself approach is great in that it gives the individual the opportunity to do whatever they want with his or her ideas. It does take away from the communal influence some, but for the sake of empowerment, fuck it, now’s the time to take action.

My hope is to take a boutique approach with my brand, both literally and metaphorically, since I do actually want to sell apparel at my studio. I want to take this local culture of ours here and bring it all under one roof. Collaboration, another key aspect of independent projects will be the centerpiece of the organization. I know that I have the network of people and knowledge to put something like this together, I just don’t have the money.

That’s why I’m moving to Europe to get these Euros. Fuck America.

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