For me, this record reminds me of a grittier “Comeback Season” Drake. He puts a lot of raw energy into this recording, which I think he’s been trying to do lately to combat all of the #drakethetypeof jabs. Not just for the IT’s though, I mean in general he’s trying to readjust how people view him. Aubrey wants to stay relevant in the eyes of traditional hip hop fans, who want a a tough, loud, street level Drake, not a reminiscing, caring, cardigan sweater and scarf Drake. He’s known to regularly flip back n forth between emotional and live records so I think he’s looking to jump on more bangers in 2014 to switch his other fans up again.

Watch, the EXACT same people bashing him now will be back on his dick in a few months. This is how he tricks such a large audience into liking his music. I can’t really relate to him, because it’s so obvious to me what he’s doing, but I do respect his incredible adaptability and creativity on the mic. I look forward to hearing the full version of “Trophies”. That is, assuming that he’s gonna at least add something in as a hook.

Hit Boy (Drop the World, Niggas in Paris, Cold, Goldie, Backseat freestyle) is one of my favorite current producers. He has the ability to take the old school authentic sound of hip hop and infuse some new school flavor. He doesn’t really conform to any specific subgenre of beat either – just listen to a couple of the aforementioned songs and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, any artist that has a diversity of talents gets my cosign. Just last year he released his debut mixtape as lead vocalist. “HITstory” was one of my personal favorites of the year, Hit Boy came through with an all around memorable tape with personal production, new flows and key features from GOOD Music – his label at the time.

Additionally, Hit Boy now heads his own label under Interscope, Hits Since ‘87. The first move he made was signing IE group – Audio Push. These are two of the most slept on artists in America. They initially gathered attention in 2009 for being a staple in the jerk movement, even claiming that they started it. Now, they’ve moved on to cover a wide spread of their lives beyond dance. I like to say I have an eye and an ear for authentic, under appreciated talent too. Audio Push is A1 music jall.

Do yourself a favor and stay up on what Drake, Hit Boy and Audio Push are doing.


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