“Most of the time when I tell other snowboarders that I’m from Madison they look confused as fuck. They act like my Southern Wisconsin city of 200,000 people doesn’t exist in the snowboard world. I mean, why should it? We don’t have the mountains of the west, the legendary status of the twin cities, pow is an unrecognizable substance to us, and I don’t think we’ve ever had a notable pro emerge from our streets. No one thinks “Oh hey, let’s go to Wisconsin for vacation” and I doubt that perfect spot you saw in the last movie you watched is within our boundary lines. Madison is completely under the radar, but that’s exactly what makes our scene so great. We don’t have lift lines crowded with vacationing families and our parks are front and center. Our spots aren’t so famous that you have to risk ending your season just to get a shot at them in your part and being home to the #1 party school in the nation, you’ll be sure to find somewhere to rage when you’re done for the night if you’re with a local.”

Via @YoBeat.

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