Shabazz, please do all the students that have to work their way through college a favor and shove the longest cucumber ever grown up your asshole. Good for you for playing a game in exchange for a free education, oh and also FREE FOOD WHENEVER YOU WANT IT.

But you are embarrassing everyone from your particularly privileged state (Massachusetts) by saying that you go to sleep hungry. Plus, like every other college in the nation, you can get unlimited free food from any campus dining hall from 7am-7pm.

First, you should have also considered working as well…ever in your life to afford the full cost of education. Plus, you’re not even black, you’re lightskinned. I didn’t even play basketball at UW, much less play for an NCAA championship team, and I could’ve had a different random bitch off the street cook for me every night of the week. I usually did too.

I’m being harsh on this particular player but athletes are given far too many advantages to demand more. What could be an argument for them however, is a claim to personally branded products such as jerseys.


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