Fellas, it’s time to take your accessories to the next level. Soxxx. Not just the style though young padawans, I mean how you actually wear em too. Don’t nobody wanna see some scraggly ass cotton candy lazily wrapped around your ankles. The subtly of accenting your looks with some smooth sneakersleeves will separate you from the next man. With spring on the come up in the Upper Midwest, it’s almost warm enough for me to bring the sock collection out of hibernation. Here’s a free lesson from King Beef to get you started.

Straight UP

Straight UP is the easiest and most basic strategy in sock wear but it takes balls to really go for it. You’re putting yourself out there for the whole town to see. Make sure to consider the ankle type of shoe (low, medium, high top), how high the socks go and how much knee you’re shorts show before taking action. It takes finesse, I’ve seen a lot of fuck ups trying way too hard to pull it off.



Fold once, fold twice, inside or out, make it you.



Pinch and release. Low key but still dirty. Notice the different colored socks too, don’t be afraid to alternate on em.



The classic hooper scrunch. GQ, Esquire, etc. will tell you to NEVER wear white socks outside the gym but they’re all limp dick Jello squares so we don’t capitulate.

*Note* Hooper style can be adapted to patterned socks as well.


Don’t be that dude with the ugly ass looking feet.