There will be a time in your life, or maybe not, that the perfect idea will materialize in that brain in your head. What do most people do with it, nothing. Why? It’s either that they lack the plan, connections or resources to carry it out. Fuck it, cause why not. Motivated or not, there will always be people that can and will spend less effort to get better results.

The key, for myself, is to actively challenge your brain, pay close attention to what’s trending in your field and constantly analyze your personal capacity to execute. Life for me has been filled with tragically repetitive ups and downs. It’s stressful, but I know at the end of the day I will continue to succeed no matter what has happened in the past. Because I know, one day, the consistent effort I’ve put forth to create will land me in a situation where I’m able to do anything I want. Pow.

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