Fuck ya mean, you were worried? Shut ya lactose-intolerant ass up. I’ve been quoting Rodgers all week with that “R-E-L-A-X” quote. If you know football, like really KNOW football, you woulda been saying the same damn thing. I don’t need to puke out a series of statistics like a sports analyst or fantasy fanatic to know how my team’s been doing.

Offense: Lacy – rookie of the year last year but struggling. Maybe it’s due to the hype, maybe not, either way he WILL find his rhythm without a doubt. That being said, our O line ain’t blocking for shit on the run. The bigger the hole, the easier it is for the man to perform. Take it from me. Still unclear why we don’t attempt screens to the left….. ever, though. Also, I understand why you gotta run it every once in a while, it’s to keep the defense honest. But twice in a row, getting zero yards, when we’re killing them on the pass, why?

Running game aside, the line did a smooth job against the pass rush. Remember Rodgers? The man with the stache is the best quarterback in the league, or at least at the level where comparison is asinine. We did lose Jones and (Finley), which seemed to be killing us last week in Detroit, but as we saw today, it coulda actually been our QB’s lack of trust in non-white receivers that was narrowing the field. He was on target all day, hitting nearly everyone eligible. Now THAT’S Packer football heaux. If we can keep Quarless and Rodgers in consistent rotation, I don’t see how we don’t get opportunities with Nelson and Cobb on the outside.

Our defense is still shit, but not as much shit, more like partially digested sausage and eggs. We’re improving. I was gonna use this, “I got a Pack all on my D / You can call me Dom Capers” line in a remix but I think I might have to vault it for a later date. We DID force the gummy bears to slink down the field instead of allowing 50+ yard passes, which is progress. I really do like Shields, Hyde, Tramon, Clinton-Dix look today. Our line almost had pressure for a second there too.

And finally, Crosby, you fuckin keep on keepin on boss. Every kick is outta the damn endzone and every field goal, regardless of how far, is going in. Blocks don’t count foolie.

Viqueens next week. The Bears still suck.