It’s toniiight, fooooolks, the return of the Bada$$ is too imminent. Cool off the release of his second single, “Christ Conscious”, which I have ever so kindly included below, both he and the crowd should be zoned as fuck for the show. New music = anticipation. Wednesday it may be, but don’t go sleeping on a donkey, it might just wake up and kick you in the face.

The last time Joey was here was a real pant-shitter for me. He just kinda low key… showed up at Memorial Union and performed. Madison, as it is, filled the Rathskeller to capacity regardless and Bada$$ put on a live presentation. This time the promotion has been a little more widespread, partially due to Frank Productions management and partially due to the openers being Madison artists, not UW students. It’s also at a larger venue and not free, but who’s counting.

Album wise, Joey has stated that his project has been finished for some time and should, by my account, be out soonish. His first single, “Big Dusty”, follows his transparent East Coast style: smooth looped samples, with added drums and matching flow. Too often we get caught up in the “new” or “abstract” production and overlook the artist that generates an authentic message. I wholeheartedly hate how quickly “real” has become a subjective colloquialism, so all I’ll say is this: both singles so far, as well as the Summer Knights tape, are as close as 2014 gets to 90’s hip hop. Moo moo.

Come right at 9:00 cuz, it’s gonna be worth seeing the whole show with two of the top local acts,¬†Sincere Life and Tre Money,¬†rocking the stage first. Getcho tix here.



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