As much as it pains this Wisco native to post anything supporting Chicago, I gotta say this cut is too clean to ignore. This is coming from the man who reinvented team pride songs in the modern era, so ya know it’s real. “Only The Bulls” is like some Space Jam Jock Jams 2014 shit.

OTB is a solid remix and should be a warm up necessity for Rose nem to embrace for years to come. These artists are all from Chicagoland too, which makes it that much more moomoo. It’s all respect.

I used to listen to Fall Out Boy and Lupe a lot, and I was a little worried they wouldn’t deliver, but I shouldn’t have doubted. That fucking hook will haunt my dreams and Lupe came in with the right flow, as he does. They needa get a marching band together and perform this before a game.

“Only The Bulls, Only The Bulls, Only The Bulls
Only the one and only Chicago Bulls
Only The Bulls, Only The Bulls, Only The Bulls
Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bulls”

Simple but effective, brass knuckles. But seriously, fuck the Bulls, Fear Da Deer.

4/5 MOOS



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