I’m quite confused by this song. Is it just me or does every single aspect of it conflict? From the jump the beat fills my brain with thoughts of a suburban east-coast rapper sing-rapping about how they smoke lots of weed and miss their ex-girlfriend. Then Kidd Kidd hops on confessing his love for bingo. It sounds like he’s fina cry but then he starts talking about German made automobiles. After this ingenious hook:

“All I ever wanted was a big body Benz, big body Benz, big body Benz

All I ever wanted was a big body Benz, big body Benz and a clean set of rims” x 2

50 and Banks ride the exact same flow that Kidd Kidd lit it with. I guess it’s like they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There is something about the complete randomness of this song that makes it playable though. It could be the G-Unit nostalgia lodged in the back of my mind, that it’s funny or because the record is actually decent. I have no fucking clue which one it is.

"Big Body Benz” will be a part of the re-release of The Beauty of Independence EP, which hit the streets back in August. Honestly, if you haven’t heard the original cut yet, DO THAT. Other than the at times oversimplified hooks, I really like the EP overall. All things considered, I can go 3 MOOS on this.




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