Four of the coldest in the game today. All em went in but Sean’s bars are easily the most creative.

See I’m never calling collect, I call to collect

My homie wanted a Chevy so I put my dog in the vet

Plus I’m so loyal that that paper boy is all that I fetch

If the ball in my hand, then the ball in the net

Bitch I’m the D, can’t no offense dunk on me

I’m Mr. Big Shot, these hoes get drunk off me

I’m overrespected, my mama gated community’s overprotected

So futuristic, I’m already over my next bitch

Reminiscing on listening to 50, fifty times a day

Back in tenth grade was like fifty days away

Tryna get paid fifty ways a day

Used to put fifty on the layaway, now my closet fifty shades of grey

This is only part of his verse, at the end he actually says, “This is just part one, wait til the sequal”, which leads me to believe there will be more of these, or at least another Em / Sean collab. Hard to hate that woo.