Scott Walker might actually be delusional. While on one hand, I agree with what he said in his recent CNN interview, that local issues should be handled at a local level. But then there’s the other hand, the one I jack off with, the one that wants to slap him back to reality. Here are a few of his causes that apparently support his push to keep things “local”.

He supports big business, the very essence and fuel of top-down administration. Ya can’t have one without the other. If it ain’t Washington, it gonna be Walker’s faux ivory tower. Fun fact: his office is situated in the middle of our capital city, a city that wholeheartedly disagrees with 90% of his actions.

Our governor is destroying everything that Wisconsin has stood for since its creation. He’s dismantling all forms of communal organization or backlash of any kind…..freedom of speech, freedom of assembly. These are the tools that the people have to combat an overpowered bureaucracy. His actions prove he’s doing the polar opposite of handling things at a local level.

But that’s not all. Walker wants to give more money to private schools and to schools that outperform the others. This gentrification advocate favors drug testing for all welfare recipients too. Nothing quite like a little old school segregation, is there?

He’s doing everything he can that’ll perpetuate gender roles. That’s right, take away a woman’s right to choose so we can trample her in the rat race. How any female on Earth supports him is truly beyond me.

Oh, and finally, my newest favorite, his push to set up giant mines up North, that will turn one of the most beautiful places in the country, to a filth laden sewer. Sell that bastard child into slavery like he deserves.

In the CNN interview Walker also speaks about his troubling bald spot and insults Hillary Clinton’s age. I guess it’s all fun and games when you’re Scott Walker, the hedonist standing for absolutely nothing, in a state that’s supposed to be moving “Forward”. It’s like he’d rather win than stay true to what he says.

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