There are many ways people have chosen to address last night’s decision regarding Officer Darren Wilson, most leaving no room for dialogue. Right or wrong, these people are being counterproductive. Clearly we live in a divided society and misguided hatred only deepens the polarization in our nation’s structure. It’s a sad day, and I would never tell others how to act off raw emotion, but unity is what we need.

Tink, instead of pushing sheer anger, takes a sociological angle on the issue. This is what “they”, whoever that may be, need. It’s taking a topic that people are afraid to approach and making it tolerable. Artists of all flavors need to follow suit if things are gonna change. True art, to me, exists to address what the government and media won’t. Ultimately though, it’s up to those blessed with artistic talent to take action. All mediums have their respective influence, but music can move mountains, if used as a tool.

I’ve never heard of Tink before today but she’s automatically added to the list with “Tell The Children”. She’s from Chicago, right at the heart of this Midwestern battleground, and I love what she does with this chilling record.



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