The crash of Cash Money continues. First it was the unpaid royalties, discrediting producers, delaying albums and now it’s problems with Lil Wayne. There’s a term for this sort of behavior, “repeat offender”. What it means in the court system sense is, if a person has done something more than once, they’re likely gonna do it again.

Birdman has been able to keep things afloat for so long due to Wayne’s undying loyalty to the brand. Many have come and gone through the seemingly attractive ratchetesque monolith for a plethora of reasons but Tunechi remains. He’s been able to go off in any direction he’s wanted, every time he’s tried a new drug, but not now?

There’s definitely some shit going sideways over there cause Wayne, Tyga, Nicki and Drake were/are the whole package. Where do their allegiances lie if Wayne has issues with his own label? As Pusha T tweeted, there are plenty of places, particularly GOOD Music, that would fit his/their creativity better than a man known for his excessive hand rubbing.


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