Yesssss. This is absolutely some shit I’d make, and you know this foolies. Course, with three of my favorite artists on it – Cudder, Chip, Chuck – I have to pay homage. Big ups to them, they’ve helped me draw out some of my best ideas. It’s a Midwest thing.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but Midwest hip-hop DOES have a sound. We take life slower here, but not necessarily in a literal way, more so philosophically, and this sound reflects that. The music is a lot more relatable, less complicated. There’s a lot of old samples, funk, rock and blues flavor in our music. Artists then take that commonality and add a nuance to it. Our speech pattern is unique too, in that we go from a nasal monotone to a wildly inflective melodic flow. Whether it’s Rhyme Sayers, GOOD Music or Shady, if ya take the time to study the local craft, you’ll notice what I’m talking about.

“And Keep a wet towel up under the door cause this shit killing”


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