Everyone: It’s time to welcome Wale back into the fold, following his three solid years of pouting. That Complex outburst over The Gifted really set him back. Right or wrong, he’s an emotional rapper, just follow him on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean, getting legitimately upset over petty insults.

Wale has made amends with Complex now, although otherwise irrelevant to anyone but them, it has sparked one of the best interviews I’ve read in a long time. He and Jerry Seinfeld take the 2014 cover story and talk about everything from fashion to suicide. It’s truly an enlightening conversation on many different levels.

If you like the interview, stay locked for The Album About Nothing next year. It has Seinfeld all over it, performing complimentary spoken word segments between Wale’s episodically themed records. But, before that, we’ll be gifted with the Festivus mixtape tomorrow. Here goes “The Chess Match” leak, a track on racial conflict in DC, which will at least be on the tape. Flow’s a little sloppy but I fuck with it.


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