Mike Regal served up some “Gold” on DJ Booth today (July 28). The Cream City rapper-producer flexes his Sir Michael Rocks flow on the slapper, but first he opens the floor for the young storyteller Vonny Del Fresco:

“Gold in my mouth, head to the sky, pray to my Lord I don’t die

Chains clank when I hop out that ride, I know I’m the man

How can I lie, how could I ever lie? This revolution will be televised

How many times must I tell you guys, you can never come close to my height”

Mike bodied the beat – and for those that don’t know anything about mixing – this is just nuts. He can rap too. Look out for this artist’s upcoming LP. For now, take a gander at the VII Days collaborative project he did with Bishop Lamont, Dana Coppafeel, SPEAK Easy.