Fucking bravo WebsterX. This video, no, this film he dropped today (August 10) perfectly encapsulates the idea of artistic hip hop, a wave that’s swept the Midwest since Kanye West. “Lately” was already dope, and with the help of Mic Kellogg, Cody Laplant and crew, this record just went from a top playlist joint to full experience.

WebsterX is dying in the “Lately” film. He’s fuzzy, stumbling around aimlessly until the locals put him on their shoulders. He really means, “If it’s all on me, then it’s on our team.” The team, the farmers, the people that till the Earth revive him with rose pedals. They continue to carry him down the path, past the country folk, past the the freed slaves and flower girl until he’s fully charged. A fully functional WebsterX eventually comes to and wastes no time in the turn up, although not a soul can survive the lady in the black veil. She carries a white horse, an animal often associated with wealth and/or spirituality. One look from her sends the camp right back into a coma. Let the flower girl rain down the rose pedals once again.

This Wisconsin shit is taking off so it’s best if ya get used to these lyrical street tales, paired with mood-centric production and artistic vision.

“Feeling the rush, feeling the twist in the words on the hush
Eating the dust, vivid depictions of us in the cut
What is enough? What is enough? I shake my head and turn up
N everytime I step in the club, well I never really step in the club, we just explore and blow shit up”

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