Chapter 2 is a concept album, the whole project in itself fits together like a novel. Each line, each verse composes a narrative from my life. Michael Cooper and I take those words and turn them into records, wrapping each sound around every bar to flesh out its meaning. It goes deeper even. There are 8 different segments within the album that come together to complete particular parts of my life. Rappers would call those EP’s.

I’m not gonna tell ya what Double Major means exactly, because I went the fuck off on “Off Papers,” and you fine folks need to play that to understand completely… However, the central message is that I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a double major, while handling a labyrinthine set of personal circumstances at the same time.

I started out in this shit writing poetry, finessing a little flow is no problem. I can outrap most major label artists, light. Understand that this is not about rap people. I create music first n foremost so that I don’t go completely fucking mental. Secondly, I do it for the squad. Even in the Midwest, Wisconsinites are outcast as drug abusing hicks. So this is for home too, this is for everyone that deserves to shine but can’t. On God, I will bring the industry to Wisconsin. This is my autobiography though, and I can’t really speak for anyone but myself, I can only keep it BASEMENT MADE.

“My penmanship and my fucked up brain is my fucked up way of getting through a fucked up day
I hear voices in my head, doc told me I’m insane, and he wrote some on a sheet too, but I threw it in the waste
See, music is my medicine – acetaminophen-adrenaline of Loyalty-Honor-Truth
But for suburban intelligence, all this is irrelevant, they’d rather passive-aggress and rue
Oh lord, them and the d boys but I digress
I’ll go right back in if ya on my neck, with a crib, two whips and steady check
I’m like Hercules with a bigger flex, MLK with better rhetoric”

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