Alex Wiley is on fiyyy. Following the lit lit *one single flame emoji ep*, he’s smashed heavily with the Chicago team, bringing “COMPUTER” and “Heaven’s Gate.” As of today (August 18), it’s looking like he’s set to drop the next EP on September 23.

As I always say, can’t nobody flow like this. His sounds are supernatural too, lying somewhere between Hip Hop, Rock and EDM. I feel this one here, seeing as how I’m out in the middle of Hollywood now – a badger in the middle of the desert, surrounded by culture-statching birds of prey.

“Fuck that shit, I’m like what the fuck is this

Exploit my culture for some clicks? Ohhh, suck my fucking dick

They keep it lavish, keep it laughing to keep you passive on you tiptoes

Everything is swagging til you came through with your fist closed”