B. Ortiz was speaking that “Nostalgia” last month, today (August 25) he’s looking for “Euphoria.” Drugs and love. These three Madison, Wisconsin artists come together on this smooth joint in a way that can’t be imitated on this planet. “Euphoria” is Midwest soul at its finest.

PDubTheProducer created the sounds and will be all over Dussy Music 3. He’s “basically the main producer” on the upcoming tape, according to a recent Basement Made exclusive interview.

“I know you like to do your thing, I know you like to do the xans

I know you like to do the lean, and I know you ain’t got any plans

Girl, you know how I’m maneuvering, I be in the cut with the fam

You know I’m out here to do my thing, You know I’ll see you when a nigga can”