Kembe X is one of my favorite emcees right now. The Chicago spitter will both challenge your mind and have you vibing out on some street shit. This contemplated killer stilled this “Psykles” joint no different.

What I like about Midwest music is it’s substance. No offense to the coasts and south but the majority of their music goes little further than surface level materialism. Emcees like Kembe X go much deeper – this time it’s into the mind of the artist.

Kembe also put out an equally as dirty “What I’m Doin” earlier this month. Look for that Talk Back mixtape to drop soon…

“Why am I attracted to the darkest sections of my mind
I love to smile, I love the peace, love the well-being
I make my present wishing wells and end up hell seeing
I’m shaking visions off my mind, it’s from a different masochistic clout
Invited God inside and wonder, ‘wonder if that piss him off’
Wonder if my fate is sealed within 7 seals
Will my niggas ever get to see how heaven feels
We are at a crossroad and to me both ways is looking ugly
Times like this it come in handy that I practice, blaze and trip”