Ishdarr gave us a present for his 19th birthday yesterday (August 29). HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHDARR!! The young Cream City emcee gifted the world with a majestic “Somebodies” record in light of his glorious day, and it’s currently being played back to back. His heartfelt words cut through the Canadian producer‘s somber beat like a ship’s bow does still water. Close your eyes and lose your problems in this placid record.

Get into that Old Soul, Young Spirit before you’re too late. This artist at the forefront of a huge wave of unsigned Midwest talent.

“Let’s roll a b, we not calm
Thought I was done after I quit Menards
But that didn’t happen, I set my alarm
Putting on only for art
I thought my last job would be my last job
Momma got laid off, got off my ass bruh
Come to the city, Ishdarr you act for
Girl are you with me, fuck I gotta ask for
I’m undefeated, still feel like I’m that boy”

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