John Walt pushed this “B.Y.O.P (Personal)” track earlier this month (September 8, 2015), but since I’m minutes away from pearling my own personal when this came on…

I’m a Pivot Gang fan. The Chicago West Siders have a bigger picture in mind than the great conscious / drill divide. They want to make music with their people, their own way. “I’ll try to do smooth kind of chords, like jazzy shit, and then it will turn into something different,” Melo says. Everyone within Pivot has their own sound too.

John Walt is an emcee – a poetic and compelling one. That being said, he’s been singing a lot lately. He has a Kevin Gates singing voice, which is quality when layered up, but I usually can’t handle it for entire songs. I’m hoping the Get Happy 2.0 John snaps back with more bars to fill out the impending Dinner With John project. I love this record, though.

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