UPDATE (October 2, 2015)

Here he comes, Rockie fresh over a laid back sample – the day after the campaign ad (October 1). Exciting, right? Well, calm down there real quick. It’s a bitter-sweet occasion really, as the Chicago emcee is all French Montana flow on the MMG-styled beat. Not just his pitch either, it’s the cadence of his raps. Thank you for the song Rockie, but do you kid. We don’t need any more of those mindless, zombie verses.

ORIGINAL (September 30, 2015)

Rockie Fresh, who has been light on the music side lately, will be appearing in a set of clothing ads for Tokyo-based Uniqlo (September 30, 2015). Tink too.

Tink dropped last year and this year, though. Not that it’s a race or anything, but Rockie has been cooling since that triple in 2013. Only one of those was truly his too. Electric Highway is a staple in my collection, through and through. Those other tracks were good, on chief, and all of the features have been cold, but his name wouldn’t even come up in a conversation of Chicago’s current scene. He went off to MMG and left the space open for King Louie, GBE/OTF, SAVE MONEY, Pivot Gang, Village 777 and Hurt Everybody.

These photos are clean and will be running city-wide, so I’m praying that the extra boost on the PR side will slingshot Rockie back into the studio for the rest of 2015.

Others in on the high-profile campaign include: restaurateur Billy Dec, Pitchfork president Chris Kaskie, chef Stephanie Izard, fashion blogger Jessica Sturdy, and Chicago Bulls cheerleaders Mackenzie Rogers, Whitney Wandland and Rachel Rosales.

Rockie Fresh uniqlo

Tink uniqlo

Source: Chicago Business